10 years of Amsterdam Piezo Valve product celebrated by 

MassSpecpecD BV & VU-Technology Centre Amsterdam

Post date: Nov 04, 2019 3:23:54 PM

We celebrated 10 years of Amsterdam Piezo Valve (APV) at VU-Technology Centre Amsterdam with a special lecture, cake and a festive coffee mug. The first commercial APV-system was shipped in September 2009 to the University of Oxford, UK.

Since the first developments during 2006-2009 in the group of Prof. Maurice Janssen at LaserLaB Amsterdam by engineers of VU-Technology Centre and PhD students the APV-system (valve body, the nozzle front plate and the electronic driver) has continuously been further developed. There are presently more than 100 APV systems in use all over Europe, USA, China, Japan, India, South-Korea and Argentina.

Here some pictures of the VU-Technology staff celebrating after the lecture (see pdf link of lecture slides) by Maurice Janssen. More information can be obtained at the product website: www.amsterdampiezovalve.com