MS-PECD wins The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award 2015

Post date: Dec 19, 2015 11:0:23 AM

On 18 Dec 2015 the magazine The Analytical Scientist announced that our MS-PECD technology, had received the Innovation Award 2015.

The jury report on the award states:

MS-PECD “Provides simultaneous identification and chirality information – much better then

trying to correlate different separations performed for identification or chirality determination.”

Our MS-PECD innovation ended in the Top 5 of most remarkable innovations within the field of Analytical Science and Technology. 15 innovations in total were awarded and ranked by an international independent jury of experts in Business and Analytical Sciences. MS-PECD (ranked 5) competed with innovations by Waters Corporation (ranked 1 and 2), Thermo Fisher Scientific (ranked 3), Agilent Technologies (ranked 4).

The detailed list of innovations, companies and jury reports can be found here.

We are very excited and proud that MS-PECD and MassSpecpecD received such a wonderful recognition while competing with innovations developed by the major global high-tech Laboratory Analytical Instrumentation companies, Waters Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, Shimadzu, LECO and several other companies.

We see this Innovation Award 2015 for MS-PECD and our company MassSpecpecD as a strong support for our mission.

The monthly magazine The Analytical Scientist has a global audience of almost 90-thousand registered professional readers in Industry, Academia and other segments, see the detailed info on professional background and field of expertise here. The full December 2015 issue of the Analytical Scientist can be accessed here.

An article about the scientific development of laser-based MS-PECD appeared in the May 2016 issue of The Analytical Scientist (pdf link).